Campo del Ceilo meteorite

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Campo del Ceilo meteorite
Campo del Ceilo meteorite
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Pieces of genuine meteorite from Argentina. The meteorite and site has been named 'Campo del Cielo' or 'field of the sky' and the impact is dated to around 4000 years ago. The age of the rock which is high in iron content is in the region of 4.5 billion years old. These pieces are small 'splatters' from the impact site with original detail. They weigh from between 1g and 20g and you can select the weight from the drop down menu. Although only 11g shows on the menu you can change the weight up to 20g from the shopping basket. Each piece will come boxed and labelled as shown and the picture shows pieces from 2 to 12g. You will receive one piece to the weight selected from the ones shown or similar. I ONLY HAVE 3g MAX PIECES SO UNTIL I GET MORE THE MOST WILL BE 3g AND MULTIPLES OF, UPTO THE WEIGHT YOU SELECT

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