Shark fossils

Shark teeth from a wide range of ages and locations. A very successful creature and the ultimate predator. Teeth from the smallest sharks to 5 inch plus Megalodons.

Great White

The most famous of the sharks - the Great White (Carcharodon carcharias). Teeth available from this awesome beast in an environmentally friendly way. No modern teeth sold just genuine fossils from several locations.



Stunning teeth from the largest shark ever to have lived. The biggest teeth measure 7.5 inches to give a size estimate of a 75ft shark or 3 times the size of a modern Great white. Most of my teeth come from South Carolina in the USA and will be noted if different to this.


 A collection of uppers and lower teeth from Hexanchus. The sharks common name is the 'six gill cow shark' and it still lives today.

Moroccan shark teeth

I have sifted through kilos of Moroccan Eocene fossils to bring you a great range of good quality shark teeth. The range includes large sand sharks to tiny nurse sharks with plenty inbetween.