Dinosaur teeth

An excellent range of Dinosaur teeth for sale. From tiny raptor teeth from America to large 4 inch carnivore killing teeth of Africa.



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The most affordable Dinosaur tooth available. Definately one to start your collection and no collection is complete without one. The Spinosaur was a large fish eating carnivore that was longer than T Rex and had an impressive sail on its back.

Teeth are often repaired (will be noted on each tooth if this is the case) and range in size from around an inch to over 5 inches. All the teeth come from Taouz in Morocco from the the Kem Kem basin. This will date them to the Cretaceous of around 90 million years old.



trike.JPG    triceratops_size_comparison.jpg

One of the most popular and easily recognisable Dinosaurs. The three horns on its huge skull are where the name originates from. I have teeth from small partial spit teeth to large complete crowns. Triceratops was one of the last Dinosaurs to die out so the teeth are Cretaceous in age dated to around 65 million years old. All my teeth are from the 'Hell creek' formation in the USA.


rex.jpg  rexsize.jpg
The 'king' of the Dinosaurs as the name suggests, the most popular Dinosaur being the T Rex. The family of Tyrannosaurids include Albertosaurus, Nanotyrannus, Aublysodon plus others.


Velociraptor.jpg  rap2.jpg
Most raptors were small agile Dinosaurs so their teeth are not very big but still look formidable with close inspection. Nearly all have the characteristic serrations seen on carnivore teeth.



A very large theropod (in brown above) that is estimated to be larger than T Rex (light blue). Very similar in look to T Rex with huge 5 inch plus teeth. Named after the Great White shark (carcharias carcharodon) as the teeth resemble the sharks teeth (sort of....!!).

Other Dinosaurs

Dinosaur teeth from species that I will only get infrequently.