Dinosaur eggs

Small pieces of egg shell from a number of Dinosaurs. I also aim to have a complete egg in stock most of the time.



Saltasaurus was a mid sized sauropod that measured around 40ft long. The eggshell all comes from the same region in Patagonia - Argentina and dates to the late Cretaceous of around 70 million years ago. These South American pieces of egg are sturdy 3-5mm thick pieces with excellent detail on the interior and exterior.


A distinctly 'bird-like' Dinosaur with head crest and some evidence of feathers. Small pieces of eggshell and complete elongated eggs that come from the Guangdong provence of China. The fossils date back to the late Cretaceous around 75 million years ago. A note to Australian collectors: due to government restrictions no Chinese fossils can be imported to the country, sorry.