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A small Dinosaur and an early relative of the Triceratops. As with other Ceratopsians it has a beak and cheek horns but this Dinosaur probably spent plenty of time on two legs.

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A complete and stunning well preserved skeleton from the species Psittacosaurus. The delicate bones have been expertly and carefully extracted from the matrix and mounted on a metal frame to show the life posture. Every bone has been cleaned and prepared to show off as much detail as possible. These are available to order but expect to part with £12000 - £15000..... A small price to pay for a real and complete Dinosaur skeleton. The Dinosaurs come from China and date to the Cretaceous period. This wonderful example measures around 38 inches nose to tail. If you wish to order then email me and we can discuss the details but please note these are bought to order and will take around 3 weeks from payment.

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