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A range of other Dinosaur bones from around the world.

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Genuine Dinosaur bone from Carcharodontosaurus measuring 40mm long. Referred to as the 'African T-Rex' due to the similar shape of the skeleton but this Dinosaur is not a Tyrannosaur. The vertebra (back-bone) comes from Morocco and dates to the Cretaceous of around 90 million years ago. A very clean and great looking fossil with no repairs.
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The famous 'dome-headed' Dinosaur. A great looking claw from the species Pachycephalosaurus Wyomingensis. The claw is 'as found' with no repairs or restoration. It measures 31mm long and 15mm wide. The fossil comes from the Hell Creek formation in South Dakota, USA. It is dated to the Cretaceous period of around 70 million years ago.
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