Dinosaur fossils

A wide range of Dinosaur fossils from around the world. Plenty of teeth, Dinosaur bones and eggshell from various Dinosaurs including many of your favourites.

Dinosaur teeth

An excellent range of Dinosaur teeth for sale. From tiny raptor teeth from America to large 4 inch carnivore killing teeth of Africa.

Dinosaur bones

Many distinctive bone fossils most with the Dinosaur species properly identified. Plenty of small chunks but several really good identifiable skeleton parts like vertebra and toe bones.

Dinosaur claws

Highly sought after fossils, the Dinosaur claws are on every collectors wish list. Much harder to obtain now with prices appreciating all the time. Get your investment now.....

Dinosaur eggs

Small pieces of egg shell from a number of Dinosaurs. I also aim to have a complete egg in stock most of the time.

Dinosaur poo !!

Yes, you are seeing the title correctly, this is the section for Dinosaur poo. The scientific name is a coprolite and they are the fossilized remains of Dinosaur toilet habits..... The remains have completely turned to stone (fortunately) and they are understandably popular with the younger collectors (by the way it means they do not smell at all......).