A successful group of cephalopods that were around for over 350 million years until wiped out at the end of the Cretaceous. Only the related Nautilus still exists today. Ammonites are abundant in many formations and can be used as zone fossils to draw similarities between different locations.

UK ammonites

Ammonites from a range of sites within the UK. Plenty of specimens from the world famous 'Jurassic coast' in Dorset.

Madagascan ammonites

Where a large majority of commercial ammonites are from including polished, cut pairs and irridescent forms. Visually stunning with a variety of mineral preservation including calcite and quartz.


Extinct cephalopods very similar in structure to the ammonites. They are ammonoids that lived in the sea with a chambered shell for bouyancy. They can be found around the world but most commercial ones are from Morocco.

Other ammonites

A collection of ammonites from the rest of the world including Morocco, USA and Europe.