Colombian copal

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My favourite of the ambers due to the size and diversity of the pieces and inclusions. Although the insects are extant (still living) most pieces contain multiple inclusions and are very tactile. Aged up to 2 million years old they are only 1/5 of the price of similar amber pieces and great for studying.

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A good sized piece of 'young amber' at 36g with lots of large inclusions. Bristletail and long legged flies top the list of this piece of around 88mm at its longest.


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Large JUMPING SPIDER (Salticidae) along with other inclusions in Colombian copal. The piece measures 60mm long and is a very tactile piece. The young amber has the additional of a WEEVIL, other flies and even a partial ASSASSIN BUG. Full list of the inclusions will accompany the piece.
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Currently unavailable

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