Baltic amber

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The most popular of all the ambers. Dated to between 40 and 55 million years old containing extinct species of inclusions. Insect preservation is outstanding with hairs and compound eyes exact in all detail. All pieces come from Kaliningrad in Russia but tend to be quite small with just a single inclusion.

Spiders in amber

A stunning selection of Spiders and other Arachnids in amber. Spider-like Opiliones or harvestmen similar to the one I donated to the Natural History Museum in London and Mites will be found in this section.

Flies in amber

Common FLIES in Baltic amber that include MIDGES (Chironomidae), LONG LEG FLIES (Dolichopodidae), FUNGUS GNATS (Nematocera) and GALL MIDGES (Cecidomyiidae)

Rarer inclusions

Other types of inclusions in amber with the rarer flies like CADDISFLIES (Trichoptera), MOTHFLY (Psychodidae), SCUTTLE FLY (Phoridae) and BARKLOUSE (Psocoptera). PLANTHOPPERS (Fulguroidea), APHIDS (Aphidoidea) and SPRINGTAILS (Collembola) along with any other unusual finds.....