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Amber and copal

A fascinating collection of insects and other inclusions in amber and copal. When tree resin oozes and hardens it is called copal. Around 20 million years later it has had enough time to go through the chemical and physical changes to be amber.


A successful group of cephalopods that were around for over 350 million years until wiped out at the end of the Cretaceous. Only the related Nautilus still exists today. Ammonites are abundant in many formations and can be used as zone fossils to draw similarities between different locations.

Dinosaur fossils

A wide range of Dinosaur fossils from around the world. Plenty of teeth, Dinosaur bones and eggshell from various Dinosaurs including many of your favourites.

Display materials

Boxes and stands to keep all your fossils displayed at their best.

Fish fossils

Complete fish fossils and fish parts from around the world.

Fossils by age

Within this section you can browse (and buy) fossils from any of the periods from the recent ice age (Pleistocene epoch) through to the start of complex life in the Cambrian. Click each of the ages and it will display what is available in that time period.
'MYO' is short for 'million years old' when applied to the age of a fossil. Most of the sections are 'periods' in time but the most recent are split into 'epochs' within the Palaeogene and Neogene periods of the Caenozoic era.

Mammal fossils

Mammal fossils from around the world, most dating to the Tertiary period of the past 60 million years.

Marine reptiles

Several groups of creatures that were wiped out with the Dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous. No Dinosaur lived in the sea so all the popular ones like Mosasaur, Ichthyosaur and Plesiosaur will be found in this section.


A range of minerals including jewellery, polished and rough specimens.


The Orthoceras was a shelled 'squid-like' nautiloid. They could grow up to 4 metres long and were one of the first great marine carnivores capable of swimming freely. They had a real head with a central brain and large salivary glands.
Today's nautilus is a direct descendant of the Nautiloid, while octopus and squid are indirect descendants.

Plant fossils

A good mix of plant fossils from several locations around the world. Many from the Carboniferous period and the Eocene epoch all with exquisite detail.

Reptile fossils

Crocodiles, snakes, lizards and the early reptiles like Dimetrodon of the Permian. Also the extinct flying reptiles, the pterosaurs. For marine reptiles look in their own section here.

Shark fossils

Shark teeth from a wide range of ages and locations. A very successful creature and the ultimate predator. Teeth from the smallest sharks to 5 inch plus Megalodons.


A wide range of mainly inexpensive shells to compliment your collection. Some unusual but often small additions that you are unlikely to find for sale elsewhere on the internet.



An extinct order of arthropods that were one of the first complex creatures on Earth. The first ones date back over 530 million years but they were all wiped out before the Dinosaurs around 220 million years ago. Completely aquatic and very diverse, the smallest were just a few millimeters long, the largest around 1.5 meteres.

£1 fossils

This section will end up being a good range of affordable fossils to give as gifts or help a young collector get started. Even though they are only £1 the list of fossils includes Dinosaur eggshell, T Rex bone and inch long shark teeth. All specimens will come in a small acrylic box with full details attached as shown.


All fossils in this section are now sold. If you want something similar and it is not on the web site then just email to see if I have more.