Dinosaur bones

Many distinctive bone fossils most with the Dinosaur species properly identified. Plenty of small chunks but several really good identifiable skeleton parts like vertebra and toe bones.


rex.jpg rexsize.jpg
The 'king' of the Dinosaurs as the name suggests, the most popular Dinosaur being the T Rex. The family of Tyrannosaurids include Albertosaurus, Nanotyrannus, Aublysodon plus others.



trike.JPG triceratops_size_comparison.jpg

One of the most popular and easily recognisable Dinosaurs. The three horns on its huge skull are where the name originates from. I have bone from small chunks to big pieces of the frill.


Psitta.jpg  psittaco.JPG
A small Dinosaur and an early relative of the Triceratops. As with other Ceratopsians it has a beak and cheek horns but this Dinosaur probably spent plenty of time on two legs.

Other Dinosaurs

A range of other Dinosaur bones from around the world.