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Whether you are new to the hobby, a seasoned collector or just looking for an unusual gift this fossil shop has something for you. As you can see below we also have a 'real' shop in Kent. Click the 'find us' link above to get directions if you want to visit.


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The shop has 100s of fossils for sale from real Dinosaur teeth and bones to ammonites and shark teeth from around the world. I specialise in insects in amber and copal but stock trilobites, plants, fish fossils and much more. We also stock many types of minerals, crystals and even meteorites and sell a fantastic range of jewellery. Most of the pieces are made from real stones with many precious and semi-precious types available. The web site will never have my full inventory so email or phone if you do not see what you want. The shop has Dinosaur books and games, soft Dinosaur teddies and plastic models. Dinosaur stationary and party goods and lots more....



Don't get caught out, common mispellings for Dinosaur:


Dinosour - not a very nice tasting Dinosaur !!

Dinasaur - Dinasour - Dinosours



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